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Ad Serving with Sizmek Ad Suite

In an increasingly complex digital landscape, are you getting the most out of your campaigns? Sizmek has a momentous plan in place to make sure you do, starting with the most exciting advancement in campaign management technology ever: Sizmek Advertising Suite.

Built completely new from the first keystroke on up, Sizmek Advertising Suite offers you leading-edge data and analytics capabilities as well as smarter, more efficient workflow, creative authoring, ad serving, and targeting. Your result: Better strategy, deeper insights, incredible optimization.

With Sizmek Advertising Suite, your customers experience impressions that inspire across display, video, audio, and mobile, guaranteeing that your campaigns succeed more than they ever have before.


Navigate The Road From Data To Insights With Ease-And Gain Stunning New Performance Capabilities

Sizmek Advertising Suite’s analytics platform helps ensure that every impression in every campaign delivers the data to reach the insights you need for advertisers and campaigns of all sizes. Let’s take big global advertisers. Many of their markets rely on data to be localized. With Sizmek Advertising Suite, reporting can now be customized to match up with local conditions, such as time zones and currency for ROI and cost data.

Sizmek Advertising Suite gets your data to you fast. Now you can access on-the-fly reporting, which is especially useful for shorter campaigns like one-day homepage takeovers. Data in Sizmek Advertising Suite is also refreshed hourly, available four hours after ad delivery.

Because Sizmek has always believed in an open platform philosophy, we’ve made data access even easier in Sizmek Advertising Suite by introducing an expanded reporting API, allowing agencies and partners to pull in just about any report for integration with their downstream systems, such as data warehouses, DSPs, attribution systems, and dashboarding tools.

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