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Create a Dynamic Creative Banner Ad

Steps for Building an DCO Banner in Sizmek:

eg. Standard or Rich

4. Create and Animate the Banner content.

About Dynamic Creative

Dynamic Creative allows you to dynamically change ad content that is targeted to a specific audience or situation. A dynamic creative consists of multiple versions of assets in a single ad, for example, text, image, or video. These assets, referred to as dynamic elements, change according to the viewer’s interests or location.

Dynamic elements are useful for large-scale DCO campaigns, when you need to personalize and target hundreds of ad versions to specific users.

In the following example, only a single ad was created, but the logo, background, baseline, and the character were converted into dynamic elements to create three completely different ad versions in appearance. The result is three entirely different experiences, depending on your interests. In addition, each ad version redirects to different landing page.

Reasons to use
Sizmek Dynamic Creative (DCO)

> Be Relevant in the Moment
Sizmek Dynamic Creative provides fresh, timely, and relevant ads for display campaigns of any size.

> Personalize Across All Channels
Take advantage of Dynamic Creative that works across desktop, mobile, and video – and the economies of scale that this omnichannel solution offers.

> Balance Automation And Control
Exercise fine control over dynamic element combinations and targeting rules, and automate elements, such as with data from external sources or logic-based rule sets.

> Integrate Data Dynamically
Integrate and leverage your own data from any source, whether that be your DMP, your product inventory API, a simple CSV file, or another source.

> Go Mobile
Take advantage of mobile opportunities with precise geolocation and mobile-specific creative.

> Gain Actionable Insights
Use Sizmek’s powerful data and insights to understand fully your creative performance and your audiences.

> Optimize Automatically
Use Sizmek’s creative optimization engine to determine the creative that’s right on target, every time.

> Design With Flexibility
Use a flexible template or build your own using our custom authoring tool. Sizmek lets you serve customized advertising with the look and feel of your choosing, all with the click of a button.

> Global Service And Support
Trust a local team of inmarket experts to help strategize, design, implement, and launch your dynamic creative campaign. You’re in good hands-Sizmek has run dynamic creative campaigns in all major markets around the world.

With Sizmek Dynamic Creative, you can integrate several sources of data (i.e., geo, media, and more) to customize your creative for each of your target audience segments.

Target creative so it is relevant to the consumer’s country, state/region, city or ISP retargeting. You can also change your message based on a user’s previous browsing history and/or exposure to and interaction with previously delivered ads.

Create sophisticated, scalable, product-level retargeting segments based on dynamic values passed from the advertiser’s site.

Target based on a premium or programmatic media buy, placements, or keyword terms provided by the publisher or DSP.

Use context via the content category of the webpage as determined by Peer39’s semantic content analysis to gain relevancy.


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