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Sizmek Tag Manager

You need actionable data from your brand websites to enhance and confirm your digital campaign performance. A lack of integrated tagging leaves you without valuable insights from your paid, owned, and earned media and creates missed opportunities for powerful brand engagement. Unfortunately, conventional tagging creates an overload of marketing code that’s time-consuming to implement and exhausting to maintain.

Sizmek Tag Manager is the answer—a multipurpose, single-tag tracking solution that frees you so you can take advantage of advanced creative retargeting or configure conversion activities and third-party tags without constant support from your webmaster. Best of all, it’s completely managed within Sizmek Ad Suite, so you can create or modify activity rules to accommodate any strategy on the fly—no code changes to your site required.


Sizmek Tag Manager: Insights And Activation With Ease

  • Understand Campaign Performance—And Your Consumers: Capture and measure multiple conversions and conversion details to optimize your campaigns and support future audience segmentation strategies.
  • Prepare For Personalized Creative Ads At Scale: Easily track and collect on-site user activity to support dynamic creative campaign strategies that improve performance.
  • Smooth And Effortless Deployment: Drop a single block of code onto your website—and your webmaster will thank you. No need to make any code changes to capture URL query string or javascript variables. Everything is controlled within Sizmek Ad Suite. For added peace of mind, a browser plugin will help you test your tag rules and configuration.

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