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* On click the header serves a layer

Weight Limits

Backup Image: 70kb
Total Weight: 2,2MB is recommended, see below.

The media agency, advertiser or publisher usually determine the ad weight as it may affect the ad-serving costs. Please refer to the agency briefing for the maximum ad-weight.  

Click here to get an estimation of the weight of your ad before uploading it to the Sizmek platform.

Assets that are counted towards the ad size include images, videos, fonts, JavaScript files, HTML files, and any other file type found in the Workspace. If there is more than one video in the Workspace, the calculation includes only the largest video. 

The size of an HTML5 ad equals the total size of all assets in the ad’s compressed Workspace.  Compression is automatically applied, reducing the size of each asset type to the compressed size.
For example, if an ad includes five images, three videos, one HTML file and two JavaScript files, its size is calculated by adding the compressed sizes of the five images, a single HTML file, two JavaScript files, and only the largest of the three videos.

Custom Script

This template requires a custom script to function properly! Please make sure to copy and paste custom script below to your uploaded ad. Please watch the below video for instructions on how to add a custom script to your ad in the Sizmek platform.


Upload Instructions for SAS