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Digital Advertising Solutions

Our mission is to provide agencies and brands with: the tools, technology solutions, services, and local support; to allow them to be successful with their digital marketing in Africa and Europe.

Our Services

Creative Design
And Building

Our team of front-end developers can help you build any type of high impact ad format, from dynamic (DCO) creatives to interactive Rich media banners,  Social Display and Conversational Ads.

Trafficking And Campaign Management

Our highly skilled team is able to assist with trafficking, campaign management and tagging across an array of adservers and DSPs.

Sizmek by Amazon

We offer Sizmek by Amazon support to all self-service clients in Sub-Sahara Africa and Benelux Regions.

Media Buying

Our focus and success with programmatic buying has been the combination creative and media, leading to a data driven approach that results in the DSP finding the most relevant person to show an ad, and the adserver choosing and displaying the most suitable creative. All of this leads to a better ROI of increased leads at a lower cost.

PDOOH Media Buying

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) inventory has begun to be sold programmatically. We offer a truly automated solution to the market to allow buyers to access all Publishers instantaneously.

IAS: Verification

Our solutions are designed to help you overcome every challenge and take advantage of every opportunity that digital media presents. Achieve highly viewable, fraud-free, safe and suitable impressions across screens. More importantly, receive optimization insights for your campaigns that will save you time and money. 


Programmatic DOOH

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) inventory has begun to be sold programmatically. We offer a truly automated solution to the market to allow buyers to access all Publishers instantaneously. This process removes the labour-intensive process of managing hundreds of emails and calls between the buyer and seller during the planning and launching phase. You are presented with a consolidated report/visualization of your campaign’s performance. Automate the Buying and selling process.

Our Partnerships

Box Digital has exclusive partnerships with cutting edge global technology companies, to offer their solutions to African clients, all supported and serviced locally. Box Digital is the official reseller in the Sub-Saharan Africa region for Flashtalking & IAS. A combination of cutting edge technology, and local support, has made us the first choice for many successful campaigns. Available on a self service and managed service basis.

Current Partnerships:


product suite includes:

Campaign Manager

Deploy and manage sophisticated data-driven digital campaigns across open web, CTV, social, and mobile.


Make it beautiful. Create compelling concepts that convey your brand promise, align with your messaging strategy, and achieve campaign objectives.

Dynamic Creative

with Optimisation

Social Ads Manager

Activate campaigns across LinkedIn, Meta, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter

Campaign Manager Reports

Assess media and creative performance with unbiased user-level data, measurements, attribution, and verification.


product suite includes:

Ad Fraud

Protect your digital media spend and increase your digital campaign efficiency with our multi-pronged approach to ad fraud detection. Using AI and machine learning, we’ll help ensure your ads are seen by real people — not bots.

Brand Safety & Suitability

Use the power of context to protect and grow your brand, ensuring your ads are seen in safe, suitable environments. Increase the relevancy of ad placements to improve memorability, favorability, and brand affinity.

Contextual Targeting

Access your ideal consumers with Context Control Targeting— our targeting solution reads the entire page, leveraging sentiment and emotion to classify content more granularly at scale. This allows you to more accurately reach your target audience; no cookies needed.


Ensure your ads are seen — not just served. Our Viewability solutions verify that digital ads are viewable across all screens and devices, and guarantee Quality Attention™ by appearing for the optimal time-in-view.

Efficiency & Optimization

Save time and money and boost the efficiency of your digital ad campaigns. Our solutions eliminate waste, provide transparency into your digital media supply path, and improve campaign ROI.


Social Display

Takes your Social Posts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or SnapChat and turn them into Rich Engaging Banner Ads which can be used in the Digital Programmatic space. Our local Case Studies show that CTRs improved at least twofold.

Our Team

Andre Van Assche

Andre van Assche


Tauriq Dramat

Tauriq Dramat

Creative Specialist

Kerryn Kiely

Kerryn Kiely

Client Services

Tiaan Vorster

Tiaan Vorster

Solutions Specialist

Terri-Leigh Overmeyer

Terri-Leigh Overmeyer

Account Executive

Debbie Pelligrini

Debbie Pellegrini


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We are located in Greenpoint, 
Cape Town, South Africa. 

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